The Quest Log: June 16, 2017

While E3 2017 was wrapping up, the gaming world kept on turning. Konami blacklists former employees, a BioWare vet confirms his involvement with Anthem, the Hitman devs reclaim their independence, and Take-Two shut kill the GTA5 modding scene.

The Quest Log: May 5, 2017

A 19-year-old classic finally gets an uncensored release in Germany, Valve upset some of their fans by updating Steam's gifting policies, and an indie game developer has changed the name of their upcoming game at Bethesda's request because it contained the word "Pray" in it.

The Quest Log: April 18, 2017

The Switch is Nintendo's fastest-selling console ever, Microsoft releases self-service refund program, and Battlefront 2 has some interesting talent attached to its singleplayer campaign. Also, EA's, er, passing on season passes for the Star Wars shooter.